Areas of Work

Our Structure

Africabio is organized into three divisions to best fit the needs of our clients, and to meet the goals of future members. The divisions focus on Health Systems Strengthening, Business Development and Leadership Development and Training. Future offerings will include a Member Services division that will create opportunities for companies and professionals seeking to build relationships in life sciences on the continent specific to their needs.

We work towards enriching the industry with networking, partnering and training opportunities. We organize conferences and Roundtable Forums in the life sciences sphere bringing together industry-leaders, investors and partners through these events. Our online quarterly newsletter, LINkages. chronicles the activities of leadership, innovation and excellence of companies and individuals transforming Liberia for the next generation.

Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)

Africabio Enterprises, Inc. (Africabio) provides medical laboratory services and enhances laboratory quality improvement through a quality systems and localized approach. Our model is to work collaboratively with clients in order to ensure continuity in service.

Services include building Quality Management Systems and Applications such as:

  • Technical skills enhancement;
  • Management of all areas of the laboratory;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Documentation and records including development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Validation/Verification;
  • Leadership Development; and
  • Lab Certifications

Our Offerings

  • Laboratory Facility Design and Layout based on WHO standards
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS) development
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Equipment Purchase and Installation
  • Supplies and Inventory Program
  • Training in all areas of Testing and Analysis (Hematology, Chemistry, Virology, Blood Banking, Parasitology, Microbiology)
  • Waste Handling Program
  • Occupational Health and Safety Program
  • ISO 15189 Compliance Facilitation
  • Establishing Annual Equipment Maintenance Programs
  • Turn-key Model for Medical Diagnostic Facility Start-up
Business Development

Africabio serves as an agent for new and Business Development exploring the possibility of conducting business in the life sciences sphere in Liberia. Our presence on-the-ground, network of partners and consistent recruiting enables us to provide quality services to clients.

Our Offerings

  • Market analysis
  • Market Sector Development
  • Establishing Your Presence on-the-ground
  • Public Relations and Media
  • Business development strategies
  • Strategic Planning

LinX is a division of Africabio that provides Leadership Development and training for innovative supervision, building organizational ownership, and mastering the complexity of handling uncertainty, solving multi-dimensional problems and dealing with interconnected systems in a Liberian business context.

LinX is Leadership, innovation and eXcellence. This professional forum specializes in providing customized leadership development, training and technical assistance services. Our highly qualified team has a passionate commitment to bring about real change within companies operating in Liberia.

We aim to cultivate the next generation of Liberians by providing a forum to develop and enhance their expertise. We conduct our work in a meaningful and results-oriented manner through service lines that include training and technical assistance, program design and monitoring, and meeting planning and logistics.

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Our Offerings

Personal Leadership Modules—Business professionalism, Focus & Discipline, Time Controls and Network through Community Service

Team Leadership Modules—Communications, Motivational Leadership, Innovative supervision, Conflict Management and Leading Strong Teams

Organizational Leadership Modules—Vision, Mission, Values; Ethical Leadership; Motivation, Strategic Planning and Building Ownership within the Organization

LinX will also customize offerings based on the needs of our clients by utilizing a pool of training experts in country, within the sub-region and internationally.

Africabio understands the characteristics of potential leaders and the skills necessary to succeed. They require critical thinking skills, they need to master the complexity of solving multi-dimensional problems and they must understand how to prioritize. In Liberia, the success of businesses is further complicated by the skill, motivation and innovation level of the local workforce and the cultural competency of the expatriate management in providing leadership to get team members to the next level.

Our management and training team have more than 50 years of combined experience in

  • Developing high-performing teams;
  • Optimizing organizational business resilience through planning;
  • Implementing organizational change management strategies; and
  • Providing project management services.
Executive Roundtable Forum

The Executive Roundtable Forum is designed to tap into the brain trust working in Liberia to understand the leadership gaps of the local talent pool. Working together with these executives, LinX facilitates this Forum as a means for collaboration, communication and coordination to promote priority areas for building a culture of innovation and productivity through leadership in Liberia.

Fourth quarter meeting is upcoming.

This Forum is by invitation only. To learn more about how you can join, contact Clarine Vaughn at